Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Aerial Infra-Red Footage of Aliso Canyon Methane Leak Plume

I am not a trusted news source of any sort, or even a shady/untrusted one, but thanks to the Environmental Defense Fund for putting up this IF Aerial footage of the Aliso Canyon Methane Leak which, as a result of Deep Fracking Gone Wrong, has been spewing methane continuously into the atmosphere since October 23, 2015, close to the town of Porter Ranch in the San Fernando Valley, Kalifornia. Schools have had to be relocated, people have been evacuated, people have been made ill by this, which is one of the worst industrial disasters in United States history. The folks in charge estimate they can close the leak by February something or other. Methane is far more potent a global-warming agent than carbon dioxide and this is a whole whole lot of it. I am going to stop writing now. You should read a real news article about this. Anyway, I am sorry that this is a paraphrase of other stuff I read and forgot to cite. I apologize! No original reporting was done here by me! I just wanted to link to the EDF's amazing video!

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