Thursday, December 17, 2015

Blue Oyster Cult - 'Black Blade' from Cultosaurus Erectus (1979)

The only tattoo I ever thought to get was a BOC symbol at the base of my skull. I did not do this, but for years it was a consuming idea. For years, and even since childhood, I had a vinyl copy of 'Agents of Fortune' and later, 'Fire Of Unknown Origin'. I wore out cassette tapes year after year on roadtrips to and from various desolate places. These days, my favorite Blue Oyster Cult song by far is 'Black Blade' with lyrics by esteemed personage Michael Moorcock about his own characters Elric and the Blade Blade carried thereby. 'Black Blade' has monologues by both Elric and The Blade Blade itself, the latter in sacred vocoder effects! I LOVE the Elric books. They are maybe my favorite series of Sword and Sorcery stuffs. I can relate to a decadent aesthete wizard king possessed by a vampiric obsidian sword for sure!!! Anyway, total awesomeness for all time. The rest of Cultosaurus Erectus is a beautiful, frequently overlooked BOC album which is so worth your love and cherishment! All Hail!!!

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