Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Classic Doom Jam Of The Daily Failing Even Tide: My Dying Bride - 'Like Gods Of The Sun' (1996)

Sort of stranded between the dying embers of 'The Angel And The Dark River' and the psychedelic exploration of '34.788%... Complete', 'Like Gods Of The Sun' is the first My Dying Bride album to feature all-clean vocals and a streamlined doom presentation, so perhaps is not always thought first of when throwing an album of theirs upon the speakers to blare out upon the land and/or kitchen environs. Nonetheless, I turn to 'Like Gods Of The Sun' over and over again, primarily because the title track is a classic doom jam and indeed, this album finds My Dying Bride incorporating more sixties/seventies doom metal accents into their sonic fabrics. The organ sound on the above song and especially again on 'It Will Come', where it takes on Hammer-suffused Tanna Leaf vibes, is the secret weapon on this album. The violin and keyboard textures are especially noteworthy here because they represent the last works of Martin Powell with MDB, before he went to join Anathema and Cradle Of Filth. In many ways this is a transitional album for My Dying Bride, but it never feels that way to me. I regard it as just as mighty and as powerful as any of their works. I love this album! Notably, it is also one of MDB vokillist Aaron Stainthorpe's favorite My Dying Bride albums too! and for good reason! And even though I can't watch this without thinking that it is an extended LifeAlert TV Spot, Here! is a special bonus official promo video from this album so you can witness the rocking out!

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