Monday, December 21, 2015

D'Angelo & The Vanguard - 'Charade' Live On SNL (2015)

This song & performance is as much straight 80's metal as it is descended from Prince's propulsive guitar rock and makes me think there should be a D'Angelo & The Vanguard/SUNN 0))) collaboration. All of their guitars would look so dope. Bonus D'Angelo & The Vanguard Black Messiah Song: '1000 Deaths' I think the single most important event in music in 2015 was the coalescence in popular consciousness of the potential of revolutionary rap/funk/fire musick to mass-meld into a force for spiritual and cultural liberation. I had literally been waiting for my whole life for such a thing to come to pass, since the days of Public Enemy and The Native Tongues and The Poor Righteous Teachers, etc, and had also been waiting for 15! years for a new D'Angelo album, so when one showed up I was hella excited. 2015 is the year that all of this has come to pass, not that it wasn't here all along, but when even the sitting President of the United States' favorite song of the year is a Kendrick Lamar song, something has changed. I mean, this President came into office talking about Coltrane and whatnot so he has a pretty decent record/cd/mp3 collection at least!

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