Friday, December 25, 2015

Deiphago - 'Red Dragon Of Chaos' from Into The Eye Of Satan (2015)

Because I am old, I get confused about metal labels the kids are on about these days. They put 'bestial' in front of war metal, death metal, black metal and that sure sounds cool but all of it sounds like metal to me, even if that modifer means a thrilling combination of all of the above in one dirty/messy/chaotic package I am all for it. I love metal itself more dearly than any other single musickal form but am relatively indifferent to how it approaches me as long as I dig it. I am not sure if Deiphago are themselves concerned with this or not, as they sound concerned here with raising Satan from the Abyss like Clive Cussler couldn't raise the Titanic in 1976. Personally I find this very moving indeed, and despite my tone, really dig this Deiphago album, but I have liked all of their stuff I have heard pretty much. They have been around for many years/decades plying their death/black/war/noise and some of their albums are way chaos-based and some are more organized. This one, Into The Eye Of Satan, is one of the more organized, despite this song's devotion to the Red Dragon Of Chaos, it has clearly defined parts and aural separation and whatnot. Anyway, if you like this, check out Deiphago's other recent releases under Hell's Headbanger's banner! Here is the full album stream for the new one, but I dig them all!!! Hail Satan!!!!!!

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