Saturday, December 26, 2015

Diamanda Galas - 'The Litanies Of Satan' (1986)

Here is live video of Diamanda Galas performing her work, The Litanies Of Satan, based upon the poetry of Charles Baudelaire in San Francisco at the I-Beam. Diamanda Galas in the 1980's was up there with SWANS for total destruction of my mind and sacred transport thereafter. I was just getting interested in Charles Baudelaire as well, and Diamanda's interest in him certainly helped me to confirm that I was on the trail of what I was after. This video will wreck your day in the best possible manner. Will put a spell upon you for realz!!! Hail Diamanda! Hail Charles! Hail Satan!!!!!!


  1. That's so crazy! Somehow brings back my women's studies days. Must've read something by/about/interviewing her. Sooo familiar. Apparently this is where radical feminism and satan intersect... I miss you Nathan! -Leah

    1. I miss you too Leah! She was for sure all over 80's & 90's Women's Studies and also in the RESearch Angry Women book. Satan is both/omni/nether-gendered, and so offers a different point of identification/worship than a relentlessly Patriarchal God! As you know, there are lots of traditional identifications of Satan as Feminine-in-aspect, which is of course demonized, but I think offers hope! Love To Thee!!!! nathaxn

  2. Yes - that's the book - I have that Angry Women REsearch book somewhere at my parent's house with all the other ws stuff :)