Friday, December 18, 2015

Hate Eternal - 'I, Monarch' from I, Monarch (2005)

This evening doing XMZZ errants I thought it would be rad to blast Hate Eternal's I, Monarch and so it was. It was rad. I am from Florida originally and so Florida-style Death Metal flows through my substrates like hemp oil through a sieve, or a series of catacombs in which some guy who looks like a pope is traveling with snakes through a bunch of skeletons in order to pay obeisance to a much younger man who thrillingly percussionizes on human skulls, which is dope as all get out. This is not my favorite song on this album, but it is super rad and has an actual video which I like to throw up and the series of guitar solos on here are just incredible. Like, Disorientation Acid-Rock Barf-Bag Style that Dramamine won't fix but will make you trip out even harder to.

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