Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Metallica - 'Hero Of The Day' from Load (1996)

Continuing in a series exploring Metallica's videos for Load (1996), I watched Anton Corbijn's video for 'Hero Of The Day' and not only does the video ably capture day-to-day grunge-era squalor and aimlessness, if possibly attributing these behaviors and conditions to metal alien birds which live in our ear canals, it also allows Metallica's members to engage in lighthearted occupation of older TV eras and programming they were not typically associated with. The country-rock influence here is filtered through 80's alt/college rock sounds, and there is almost a New South chiming jangliness to the guitar riffs whose supplantation by thrash riffs is stunningly effective. This is a beautiful song by a band which not only CAN do anything it wants, it IS doing anything it wants and the resultant sound is something only achieved by mid-nineties Metallica. For years I 'liked' Load and would listen to it sometimes, but maybe only now that I am middle-aged, have I become the ideal listener to Load? Whatever! It rules!!!!! For better or worse, there will probably be more of these later!

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