Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Michael Hoenig & Manuel Gottsching - Early Water (1976/1995)

Today's space-out naptime jamz is brought to you by Berlin School/Krautrock Pioneers Michael Hoenig and Manuel Gottsching. They recorded this stuff in 1976 but it wasn't released until 1995 and I haven't heard it until now. That is probably why my first thought was 'OOOH! It's like those Merzbow/KK Null albums from back in the day, but way earlier and generally more chill and Teutonic!' Truth be told, it doesn't really sound like those collaborations, but the idea of ambient electronics vs. space-guitar drone is in effect, but more repetitive and modular and good for naptime vs. champion-era wall-staring peak aktion which is not to say I haven't taken naps to Merzbow because it is good for that too! Anyway, the moire effect from the overlapping neon space grids is pretty rad and all y'all will probably dig it too!

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