Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tau Cross - Tau Cross (2015)

Longtime readers of this blog know how much in my blackened, rusty heart and lungs I love Voivod and Killing Joke, and, although I have not said so here, I equally love Amebix (OH GOSH DO I LOVE AMEBIX!!!!) so it can be imagined how excited I was to learn of a "thrash/crust/folk/pastoral-disco supergroup" consisting of Rob 'The Baron' Miller of Amebix on bass/vox, Away from Voivod on drums, and rounded out by members of the legendary Minnesotan Crust Band Misery, in order to make a Killing Joke/Motorhead tribute band in honor of the growing and harvesting cycles of agrarian society, specificially, the portion of the Wheel Of The Year extending from Beltane to Samhain. This is very much dancing-around-the-bonfire musicks. I only wish I had listened to it when it would have matched best with exterior landscapes rather than the befogged/rainy netherworld of mists we have been lost in now for a seeming eternity. Anyway, here is Tau Cross. They (mis)rule pretty seriously!!!

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