Saturday, January 2, 2016

Carcass - 'Incarnated Solvent Abuse' from Necroticism: Descanting The Insalubrious (1991)

Necrotism is probably my favorite Carcass album, although I also really like Swansong and Symphonies Of Sickness a lot too. Carcass never put out a bad album. All of them are so very awesome. I have never really understood this video, unless the latex is supposed to represent the permanent damage of solvent abuse. Although I have never purposefully abused solvents, I have been exposed to brain-damaging levels of solvents in work/home/industrial situations and have permament issues relating, so this song and I understand each other pretty well I feel. Today I am feeling the brain damage acutely, being still hella sick and having had to fix a ridiculous editorial/factual error which I made about Motorhead in my Lemmy obituary (I know better!) and not being able to sleep much last night and watching snowboarding for a long time instead. Talk about things that will give you brain damage!!!! Those kids kept snowboarding even after they suffered pretty serious head injuries whereupon they should have gone to get checked out by a doctor or rested or something! Of course, I am one to talk, I never would have done that... I would have been like 'I'm Fine!' so there's that. I am rambling. Carcass rules!!!! And if you have read this far into this stupid post, here are two bonus Carcass videos from their most recent album, Surgical Steel, which is a total success. I wish I could have seen Carcass on this tour. I saw them in 2008 in Tampa and they rocked, but it would have been even better to see them touring a new album. This album works because children who don't really know who Carcass are selected to hear this voluntarily over and over again driving around in the Subaru. Here is 'Captive Bolt Pistol', named for the device which is used to concuss or brain-damage livestock in order to exsanguinate them while still alive for purposes of rendering for body parts: and here is 'Unfit For Human Consumption', which is about how dogs and cats are fed non-'food-grade' animal parts, and is especially awesome because it has a starring role by Ken Owens, original drummer for Carcass, who had to retire due to health problems I probably won't get to see Carcass live again, but they will always live in my heart and guts, along with all of the heartworms and hookworms and other friendly beasts!

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