Saturday, January 2, 2016

Fields Of The Nephilim - 'Moonchild' from The Nephilim (1988)

In the late 1980's, Fields Of The Nephilim were, like, the coolest. They had that crazy occult-goth-Spaghetti Western thing going on, they actually were about Thelemic magick and horror movies and theological exploration and psychedelic musicks of the past and present. They were entirely their own thing. The 'Moonchild' video is clearly derived from Crowley's book of the same name, but also from Kenneth Anger's filmic tribute to the Moon, 'Rabbit's Moon' (1950), kind of looking like if Anger had been working for 4AD in the 80's? The thing that stands out to me now, almost 30 years later, is how future-looking Carl McCoy's vocals seem, anticipating where Black Metal would add a post-punk-goth-psych edge to itself in the 00's. Honestly, this record could be a hit if released today, at least it would be with me, but I don't count for obvious reasons! This video and the Nephilim rule of course!!!

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