Monday, January 4, 2016

Weekend Nachos Shall Cease To Exist, Apparently

So, one of my favorite powerviolence/groove/sludge/thrash bands in the world, Weekend Nachos from Illinois, has apparently decided this is their last year of existence. I have greatly enjoyed playing Weekend Nachos albums from the Hennepin County Public Library System in the Subaru while buying organic groceries or whatnot and so I am saddened by their stoppage, but this is the way of the world, especially in the HxCx/Metal scene. I apparently totally missed at least one MPLS appearance, but then, I missed nearly every show I would wanted to see in MPLS, being old and out-of-it and encumbered with organic groceries. So, here is one 'unofficial' video and some full live sets to enjoy and commemorate the existence of Weekend Nachos, who rocked and still rock really hard. Blesseds be to all recordists and uploaders of the W.N.! Tenth Anniversary Home Town Show!

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