Saturday, January 2, 2016

Winterfylleth - 'John Barleycorn' from One and All, Together, for Home (Various Artists, 2014)

British Black-Folk-Pagan Metal band Winterfylleth do a lovely version of 'John Barleycorn' here on One And All, Together, For Home (2014) which was a collection of eight metal European metal bands doing traditional songs, compiled by Ukrainian metal artist Drudkh, whom I have liked musically for many years, despite nationalistic leanings, which I am not about. Winterfylleth's interpretation is straight trad folk, haunting and transporting, evoking the life and after-life of barley as it is raised up and cut down and processed and consumed and planted again. I have been listening to this several times over. Winterfylleth is very good, too, in whatever mode you may catch them in! Please note: this blog and myself do not support ANY specific cultural/ideological orientation or agenda other than that of love and freedom and self-determination. We are opposed to coercion, oppression, violence, the imposition of suffering. These are strongly held tenets.

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