Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Ackercocke - 'Summon The Antichrist' from Antichrist (2007)

Right now, this is my jam for all time. It is on Terrorizer's Fear Candy 42, which I have been blasting during errands. It sounds like if Mastodon were sacrificed inside a Wicker Man, taking the Helltrain Express to a Medieval Hell in which they are eaten alive forever by a Horned God in order to bring about the arrival of their issue upon this Earth. I like comparing things to Mastodon, so if you are confused, I get it. Ackercocke are one of my favorite death metal bands of the 00's, and Antichrist might be their pinnacle, issued prior to dissolution. Full Horns. In administrative news, I hope to get a new computer soon so as to blog and whatnot. Love! nxww

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