Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Goddess Aphonic - 'Ban America / Allergic To Money' (2016)

Those days when you wake up and feel like sludge and the water faucet is talking in black metal rasp/gurgle to you and it is raining outside and you can barely move and the president-elect of the united states is on twitter saying he wants to strip citizenship of anyone who burns the american flag. Maybe we should just all start defecating in #MAGA hats and leaving them outside strategic locations. What a stupid fascist symbol. I guess they all are, but after so many years of nazis trying out what they think is dope logography to have fascism take over amerikkka finally in a red cap is I guess fitting, except for #MAGA hats which don't fit anyone, not even the president-elect, who looks like a oversized little-leaguer drunk on antifreeze whenever he wears one. Goddess Aphonic brings that sax/bass/drums noise necessary to combat days like today or any day I suppose. Included for bonus rads is their video for 'AK-47' from their awesome album Psychic Din (2015), available for free download at their bandcamp page.


  1. nathaxn~~~<3

    (cheers for using 'amerikkka', more people need to call the filthy empire what it is, and I am so happy im not the only one who took it up :)
    also I wasnt particularly keen on burning an amerikkan imperial symbol but then I read that it makes the sexual predator-elect all pissy and yknow what, I just happened to find rather intense and... Burning desire to do exactly so :) )

    cheers and love to you<3

    1. Dear Ciara - <3!!!

      I hope your day is going well. I encourage resistance against DJT in all forms. One thing I will say is that it is entirely likely that burning US flags are EXACTLY what he wants so as to be able to use that as propaganda against resistance. I thought of burning Nazi Flags instead as a form of protest, or others have suggested the Confederate Flag, both of which represent not only White Supremacy, but also nations the United States has been at war with. I am no statist, but I don't want to see his plans furthered via provocation. Just a thought! All The Love!!! <3 nathaxn

  2. Ooooh!!!
    LOVE the suggestions, far more pointed, especially with the intent you describe-- not out of fear.
    Good thought :)
    All the love right back <3

    1. ciara <3! I was going to add that I am certainly no stranger to burning US flags I just don't want to be manipulated by such an autocrat!!! :)