Saturday, November 26, 2016

Metallica - 'Halo On Fire' from Hardwired... To Self Destruct (2016)

I got up this morning feeling like trash because of CPAP difficulties in the night and realized that now was the time to listen to the new Metallica album. I like every Metallica album for different reasons, and this is no exception. It is for sure full of mid-tempo Adult Contemporary MOR Post-Thrash chug & crunch and that is fine. I am VERY SAD that Kirk Hammett's riff/tune collection was lost prior to recording this. His guitar tone and endless experimentation have been what I have loved the very most about recent Metallica live stuff, etc, but life is learning how to deal with loss. That said, 'Halo On Fire' offers triumphant Hammett leads and plaintive, soaring classick rokk vibes. This is the one song on the album (so far) that I have stopped, rewound, listened to again and again. I have developed personal and meaningful feelings in and for and around it. A blackened, burnt halo of ash is something I understand. Hail Metallica!!! <3 nathaxn

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