Friday, May 19, 2017

Johnny Jewel - Windswept LP (2017)

Before Twin Peaks was on TV, there was Julee Cruise's album Floating Into The Night so if you bought that album like I did in the fall or winter of 1989, you could be in Twin Peaks before you were in Twin Peaks. I cannot tell you what it feels like then to listen to Johnny Jewel's Windswept album which contains music from Twin Peaks Season 3 within it. We cannot know, not yet, what exactly will appear in the show exactly, but the whole album is in Twin Peaks because it lives there and came from there and isn't going to leave. There is also a bunch of late-eighties Chris Isaak in this which is also Twin Peaks before it was Twin Peaks. Windswept presents as incidental musick, as a soundtrack of over and under and inbetween but it extends and creeps into the undergrowth, into motel carpet, into dreams, into the wind. <3

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