Monday, May 22, 2017

Temple Of The Dog - 'Hunger Strike' from Temple Of The Dog (1991)

This song means more now than it ever has. There is literally a budget being proposed by the President Of The United States which will gut Medicaid, Social Security Disability, Children's Health Insurance Programs, SNAP (Food Stamps), Planned Parenthood. The poor, the sick, children, the elderly, women, all will be starved through austerity in order to funnel welfare to the richest of the rich. I have been living in a weekly motel outside of Harrisburg for months now. I moved here because I ran out of ways to pay for a hotel in Lancaster. I know no one here. It is by a massive freeway. Poor people live here and try to get by. Desperate people. These people are lucky compared to the homeless tent cities in Harrisburg and all over this country. I try and live and pay for food and rent and medicine on what the government gives me because I cannot work. It is not enough. Every month I go without supplements which make me able to live with a debilitating brain injury. Every month I go days without food, or on one meal a day or less. I listen to lectures about how I am irresponsible, about how I am supposed to live when there isn't enough to live on. My mother helps with what she can, but it isn't enough. Nearly half of my income goes to rent. The other half goes to everything else. Every month I run out of money to sustain even basic functionality. Every month I want to die and I consider it. It takes everything in me to not. That we have a government who will give billions of dollars to corrupt dictatorships, will commit treason on television, that will conduct worldwide war and total war at home, which will destroy all of life for marginal profit, which cares nothing for the lives of its citizens, who are expected to effectively exist as slaves or prisoners or expendables for a handful of oligarchs, makes me even more ill than anything else. Our whole lives have been spent in the service of an socio-economic order which exists to murder us slowly and strip of us what assets it can is an obscenity. To live and die within this is unacceptable. To bear children who will grow up under these conditions, who will raise their own children under these conditions is an atrocity. I don't want to live like this anymore. And I am among the lucky ones. <3 everyone who is suffering This song is helping keep me alive right now which is not an easy thing. I love this album. I love u Chris Cornell. <3 nathaxnne

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