Saturday, August 12, 2017

An Open Letter To White America After The Events Of Charlottesville

Dear White America:

Today does indeed represent a turning point in American History. You can decide to cling to a pathetic, fragile dying ideology of assumed superiority which has no conceptual basis other than to pretend to ensure the survival of something that doesn't exist and has never existed, or you can decide to abandon passivity, anxiety masquerading as comfort, comfort masquerading as anxiety, all your fear and hatred in order to join with the rest of the world in the common task of how to live together, to celebrate differences, to learn and grow beyond what we thought we were. White Ideologues are right to be afraid of their own obsolescence. They are right to be afraid that the world is passing them by and won't miss them when they are gone. Their cherished ideals of a fictional White Civilization mean nothing to anyone but them and all it means to them is a desperate effort at convincing themselves they have greater inherent worth than they do. These ideals are built on a complex of lies that have always been known to be lies uttered to justify the evils of slavery, of genocide, of apartheid, of holy war, of rape and murder and suppression of others. White Civilization is this flea-bitten grab-bag of pseudoscience, debased scripture and decontextualized statements from your failed leaders: a centuries-long incoherent muttering propped up by mob violence, wars of choice, extractionist necronomies and the propaganda that leaks from them like old motor oil. You can stand with this if you want. It won't matter though. You aren't being replaced, you are fading away, and no one will ever need to replace you. Your sense of superiority has nothing to do with historical, cultural or biological reality. If you choose to give it up, to let go of your superiority, you will find beautiful things within yourself and others that you never knew were there. If you let go of your blindness and willful ignorance and decide to learn and to grow as a person, you will be rewarded tenthousandfold. Rather than fighting to secure a homeland for White America, you could could be ensuring the possibility of a future for whatever children will come to live on that land you were convinced was yours, a peaceful, kind, loving home with enough food and water and shelter, free of unnecessary illness and poverty, a home made of diverse biomes, full of nonhuman species to live with, with a rich cultural legacy composed of what all humans have made. This is a real option. This can be the future that we choose as much as we are capable of choosing anything. These children are ours, all of ours. Whatever future comes is ours as well. We can work together to make a better place than the one we have always known. America was never White. America was never Great. America was never Male. America was never Cishet. America was never Christian. The glorious past that you want to restore never was. It cannot be anyone's future.

In Love, Hope & Charity,


Saturday, July 29, 2017

solar fissure 2

Execration - Odes Of The Occult (2011)

I could not be happier to be alive in this decade whose reigning sound has been a ritual psychedelic bludgeoning death. I never tire. My friend alien brian turned me onto Execration and for this I am most pleased! <3

Leatherface Red-Band Trailer (2017)

My most anticipated movie of 2017. Inside is an all-time favorite. I cannot wait. <3

Friday, July 28, 2017

mantid crown 1

gloss wolf 2

Couch Slut - Contempt (2017)

As someone whose early life was defined by late 80's scum and noise, this Couch Slut album is an unholy blessing that I adore beyond the beyond. This is my everything right now. <3 <3 <3

Monday, July 24, 2017

owl 4

Vincent Price Commercial For Time-Life Books' The Enchanted World (circa 1985)

I was a subscriber to this series and completely obsessed with it. As a kid I was devoted to the total reality of faeries, witches, sorcerers, monsters, ghosts, etc. That is what I spent my time checking out of the library and thinking about all of the time. So naturally this would be what I begged my mom to get me for some birthday or another and she relented. Later as is her wont, she blamed my increasingly poor mental health on my years-long obsession with folklore and the occult and got rid of all of my Time-Life The Enchanted World Books. I wasn't actively involved with D&D or heavy metal at that point, but I still received the ur-80's parental throwing out of malefic influences that many children of that era experienced. I tried to tell her that Time-Life Books would not be the center of a Satanic Conspiracy to warp the minds of children but she would not listen. My mind was warped under its own power. Surrounding myself with horror movies and explorations into tales of magick and sorcery and other realms was a way of making sense of what was already occurring. Something that has held true to this day. I came across this video while reading about the sequel to this series, Mysteries Of The Unknown, which is also of interest, especially in terms of cryptozoology, New Age Stuff, UFO's, etc. I didn't subscribe to that one although I was into that stuff too. My 1980's was a place of ruined castles, haunted mansions, mushroom circles, magickal objects. Thank You Vincent Price! Thank You Time-Life Books! <3 PS - here is the much better article on Mysteries Of The Unknown whereupon my memory of this delightful Vincent Price commercial was rekindled: