Monday, March 19, 2018

Come To Grief / Fistula split EP (2017)

This Come To Grief song, 'Take Me In My Sleep', is amazing, as totally befits ex-Grief sludge glory. I dig Fistula too and have for a long time so I am glad to have them here too but for way long my heart belongs to grief and is full of grief and this makes me feel better in ways I cannot really articulate. <3 here is an awesome bonus song from Come To Grief, 'No Savior', the first single from their 2016 ep, The Worst Of Times. They and Fistula are on tour starting in May and I am too messed up and poor to go to shows, but if you can go see them I am sure it is worth your while! <3

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

wraithmage disintegrating 1.9

Satyricon - 'To Your Brethren In The Dark' from Deep calleth upon Deep (2018)

Satyricon always fill me with a sense of profound and abiding peace, a not-quite-still glory spreading in waves, quieting unease and riotous thought. This has never been more true than in regard to their new album, Deep calleth unto Deep. Listening to this album I feel ok about everything, even though everything is not ok, not at all, but I am at least for the moment, in acceptance of all that is, even in the knowledge that all that is necessarily entails strife, conflict, suffering without cease. All that is is incomplete, finite, broken, always in becoming, in the frustration of that becoming, shunned and turned aside, retreating or collapsing, fragmenting and coalescing only to be shattered again, an endless undoing as the means by which creation is and is not

Friday, March 2, 2018

Anna von Hausswolff - Dead Magic (2018)

Some kind of Gothick Doom in which Iron Butterfly is remembered as Doom as often as Siouxsie is remembered as Goth?, but, like if the setting sun was a funeral pyre meditated about intently until the beginning of the next day which does not abate the dying but increasingly brings it into focus?

alluvial sarcophagus 1.2

Scumpulse - Rotten (2018)

as someone who drags themselves from their coffin before dawn to throw their insufficiently-dead body into the rental hearse to go work as a cashier at a big-box store for hours upon hours (never enough hours) let me say that I appreciate Scumpulse's working-class anticapitalist blackened crust even as their anthems paradoxically become a motivating soundtrack to get me to and from work. I hear a lot of several eras of Carcass in here too which pleases me to no end, also, not the least in beautiful and elaborate leads over grotty tempo shifts.

Provocator - Satan, Chaos, Blood, and Terror (2018)

I have not been feeling good for a rather long while at this point, less and less competent at being myself. Thankfully there are albums like Satan, Chaos, Blood, and Terror by Provocator (now featuring Lord Astaroth from Kurgaall on vox) which sounds like Lord Astaroth is calling you from inside a club to rant about whatever is going on in their life, growling and screeching while Provocator is playing somewhere behind them, enshrouded in dry ice and stale vape exhalation. Lord Astaroth's vocals are the dominant aspect of this album, mixed WAY LOUDER than the music which seems almost monophonic and buried underneath which some listeners might find annoying or distracting but I find adds to the delightfulness of Satan, Chaos, Blood, and Terror, which is also a title I adore and especially like that there are three commas in that title, whether on accident or on purpose matters little to me. Satan, Chaos, Blood, and Terror seems to be about the War In Heaven or the resumption of said war once everybody gets out of hell and can ride war-goats into battle against the legions of heaven which is certainly a theme visited before by other black metal bands and likewise, Provocator do not stray far from goats/bullet-belts sonically either and that is something to love especially especially when you are not feeling well or up to much as howling winds swirl around your weekly motel room with Lord Astaroth howling and fuming as well it is the next best thing to them bringing you hot soup of, idk, angel intestines in a skull chalice or something? sometimes it really is the thought that counts! This album is so rad! <3

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cloud Rat - Moksha (2013)

on the pathway to liberation a space for healing and reflection and to mourn what has been lost and what can be recovered or remade wholly anew