Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Repulsion - Horrified (1989)

Flint, Michigan's own Repulsion help me feel better after making myself sick on 'Super Tuesday' OD'D on unlife-itself American Fascism, Theocratic Vomit and Neoliberal Icktoplasmic Effluvia. The fact that Flint has been itself Laboratory Zero for decades of Ravening Capitalism Dictation is what is really Horrifying. In the Mitten, with the Lead Pipe. Grindcore makes everything better, or at least it helps what it cannot fix.

Baskin (2015) - Trailer

Now that I have seen The Witch, I am so looking forward to seeing Baskin. It cannot enter my life soon enough. I loved the short film of the same name by Can Evrenol. Getting some serious The Beyond VS. Hellraiser vibes from this one, which can only be a good thing.

Ackercocke - 'Summon The Antichrist' from Antichrist (2007)

Right now, this is my jam for all time. It is on Terrorizer's Fear Candy 42, which I have been blasting during errands. It sounds like if Mastodon were sacrificed inside a Wicker Man, taking the Helltrain Express to a Medieval Hell in which they are eaten alive forever by a Horned God in order to bring about the arrival of their issue upon this Earth. I like comparing things to Mastodon, so if you are confused, I get it. Ackercocke are one of my favorite death metal bands of the 00's, and Antichrist might be their pinnacle, issued prior to dissolution. Full Horns. In administrative news, I hope to get a new computer soon so as to blog and whatnot. Love! nxww