Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sea-Witch V.1 by Moss Angel Witchmonstr

sea-witch v.1 is a book and a part of a book which has manifested as told to moss angel witchmonstr (horse). it is a defiantly trans, defiantly queer book but it is a book for everyone. it is a book which has always been but is in a certain order and organization and flow as it needs to be now. it is a book about formation, about becoming and about having always been. it is a book about interpenetration and fragmentation and coming forth into, having come forth from. it is an immensely sad book to read not because it is sad but because so few books look into you as you look into them. it is less something to read and more something to know and to live with, to be read by, to be known by. sea-witch v.1 will make you feel less alone no matter who you are. sea-witch v.1 is a genealogy, a creation-story for those who never got theirs written down. sea-witch v.1 is a love story inside a love story inside a love story iteratively. it is something you hear inside of you as you drift off to sleep and hope you will remember in the morning or the night or whenever you wake up but you never remember enough to write it down the right way but carry it within you until it fades so you get told it again right at the moment of sleep. sea-witch v.1 is a version of that story written down in the way it had to be written down even though maybe there could have been many ways. sea-witch v.1 is a book that reads itself even as you read it and it reads itself to you as you read yourself to sea-witch v.1. there were times when i read sea-witch v.1 where i cried not because i was sad even though i was sad and i am sad but because i hadn't read sea-witch v.1 before even though it was there to be read. sea-witch v.1 is something which came to be now but has always been but not always in ways it would even recognize itself. however it is also by this differentiation from itself that sea-witch knows itself. you become a denizen, a sea-witchean, a part of sea-witch by reading and being read by and it is not something that you lose even if you get lost. i love this book. thank you sea-witch. thank you moss angel witchmonstr. <3 love, nathaxn
ps: awesome sea-witch logo!!! right on!!! :)

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