Friday, April 21, 2017

gorgonopsia 1

lopsided breathing, vaulted sabre, differentiated like forks in a drawer, awaiting deploy in schema that no longer are seen, a flicker, a detachment, holding down at the neck only to retreat. rivers narrow, sometimes cease or pool in cul de sacs, turning back on themselves or flow like smashed mirrors. a buildup or a patina, conscious and grown, given directives, an LED inset. emptied blister paks, spent versus histological response or, in any case an armor, negatively crushed capsules or bent, a bright and opaque scarring.

hunt and peck, successive tolerations. resurfaced terrain. motion sickness. "crocodilian gulp" = unit of tessellation unfitting, unrepeating, an unlocked door. warlock-hatted untellable from witchunter-hatted at 13 paces counterclockwished = the sound when cinnamon roll tubes are stabbed or twisted to plosion an example of a successful warding. circular burns in a field? a contaminate crash with all particles vacuumed or dissolved close enough by new morning sunbeams. a grand ingestation, a query. to crush bone to get at what is inside, a present untensiled.

a silo goes in both directions. how far is uncertain. could be mapped on itself if turned in space. a cloverleaf similarly like something brought out and put away after dinner parties shutter down, shivering to a halt then expulsive like before and after the noose.

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