Friday, January 27, 2017

Kreator - 'Totalitarian Terror' from Gods Of Violence (2017)

There has probably never been a better week than this one in the history of this world for a classic 80's thrash band to release a single AGAINST NAZI HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION AND MOREOVER AGAINST NAZI/FASCIST/AUTHORITARIAN RULE GENERALLY. One would have assumed at one point this would be standard thrash operations, but sadly that just isn't as true as it once was. I love all the songs I have heard off of the new Kreator album, and I LOVE KREATOR SO MUCH, but the videos have been kind of so-so, this is the best of any of them, however, and I CANNOT TELL YOU how gratifying it is to hear Mille Petrozza tell me and everyone that we will survive totalitarian terror. I am actually, like, crying right now. Hail Kreator!!! <3 <3 <3 nathaxn

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