Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mortichnia - Heir To Scoria And Ash (2016)

If you are having the sort of day that I am, you may or may not have spent part of it impotently weeping on the toilet about the reported news that 60% percent of all primates face imminent extinction or that the Northeastern United States will heat much more rapidly than the rest of North America, which, although somewhat fitting, is like the spread of sepsis once it starts to get hot and run from a wound into everything. As a species our response is martial law, more rapid, more unrestrained extraction, and plans for the elite to escape to Mars or to orbital colonies to further this insane war against all life. If you are having one of these days, I can totally and with great surety tell you that Mortichnia's Heir To Scoria And Ash will make you feel at least a little better in the moment for having produced a fitting soundtrack to the mourning involved in the death of everything. Involved/interwoven black/doom. It is like if a blanket made out of the recently dead for the now-dying as a comfort rather than a scold. I really need to get further into contemporary Irish Black Metal offerings. This is quite beautiful. <3 <3 <3 nathaxn

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