Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Traci Lords - 'Control' from 1000 Fires (1995)

Traci Lords's 1000 Fires is one of my most favorite albums of 1995, one I have been happy to own and regularly listen to since that time. Mainstream MTV Stadium-Trance-Techno never owned in the USA the way it might have which is super-lame and there is no reason why Traci's album could not have ruled the charts forever. Mostly it was too early. Had this album come out in 1997, at the height of 'electronica' hype, things may have gone differently. I also feel that although being an impeccably sequenced/composed/written album of songs, the multimedia awesomeness of Traci actually worked against the acceptance of this as a musickal document. I also include the insanely amazing although much shorter music video version of this song, which makes me LONG for a 1990's in which we had a John Waters-directed series of Traci-starring James Bond films rather than Austin Powers movies. Alas!!! <3 <3 <3 Love U Traci!!! nathaxn

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