Sunday, January 1, 2017

Coroner - R.I.P. (1987)

Neoclassical Technical Thrash from 80's Switzerland recalls so strongly for me the grim, plague-infested apocalypticism of being an adolescent in the second half of the 1980's. It was intolerable being a young person continually confronted with a heinously corrupt zombie empire at war with everything for no reason beyond profit motive, holding the rest of the world hostage to the possibility of nuclear holocaust. I cannot tell you how badly we wanted it to just end, the entirety of the war machine to just grind to a halt and to be able to make a new world from the remnants of the old. Now that I am myself old, I understand all too well that there are no resets, that we all must wrestle with and make the best we can out of what the past bequeaths us, however poisonous it may be. It pains me beyond words to think of all the young people today having to live under the grasping talons/iron hamfist of a putrid and bankrupt neofascism which has evolved from our past greed to double down even more rapaciously on all of the worst ideas. There is always the hope that when confronted with its own failure, tyranny will take notice and decide to do otherwise. This happens almost never. Tyranny, in its own mind, fails because of the success of enemies, betrayal by friends, insufficient purity of application, etc. Tyranny only falls when the material conditions which led to its rise render that very tyranny unsupportable. Part of what works to end tyranny is implacable opposition, even in the face of grave costs. Opposition to tyranny is like wind or water, eroding the very basis of and for. It may take hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millennia, or longer. Good people will suffer and die at the hands of tyrants. They will be made examples of. Regard them as your heroes. Do not allow fear to paralyze you. Opposition to tyranny is and must be its own reward. It cannot be thought of transactionally or instrumentally. You may never live to see the end you desire. This must not stop you. Be in yourself that what you want. Be your own freedom. Make that space for yourself around you and in you. Reward the fight of others. Acknowledge their struggles. Tyranny will not stop until it can no longer go on. We must go on even when we think we cannot. We must go on no matter what. In the end, if we succeed in inspiring others, in honoring their lives and their fight, we will outlive our own deaths, our own silencing, in the struggles of others. None Of Us Are Free Until All Of Us Are Free. <3 <3 <3 nathaxn

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