Thursday, February 16, 2017

Fallujah - 'Scar Queen' from Dreamless (2016)

Longtime visitors to this blog will know that if there is something that I love with all of my heart it is New Age Death Metal. A recent and way excellent exemplar of this form is Fallujah's Dreamless, which vibe-wise falls between 80's Hearts Of Space and 90's Downtempo Chillout. It is not really excerptable so I picked a song I really liked. It pleases me that the jazz fusion elements always present in death metal have taken this opportunity to venture into contemplative spaces such as on display here. It sort of reminds me not so much of when death metal sought jazz fusion impulse initially as much as when jungle/dnb sought out its own jazz fusion roots, but since to me these things are always intertwined historically and cosmogenically it makes sense. It doubt if it will ever be cool but I will always be down. <3 nathaxn

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