Sunday, February 12, 2017

Roky Erickson - Demon - - - Angel - A Night And A Day With Roky Erickson (1984)

A documentary film made for Austin TX Community TV. Interweaving songs performed in some nighttime outdoor forested setting either solo acoustic or trading off electric/acoustic gtrs with Mike Alvarez with daytime interview clips all of Roky 1984. The minimal setup and special spacetime vibe of the live performances rank those among my favorite of any RE material. Free of the structure imposed by a rhythm section, the folk-psych-blues origin of Roky's stuff shines through clearly. The interview stuff is by necessity hit or miss. Most of the time I feel it would have been better spent just hanging out rather than attempting to get good quotes or ask specific questions. Nonetheless, every so often this method works, and we get to hear for instance about when Roky was in the Rusk State Psychiatric Hospital and set up and office there, going to work every day on his book of hymns. I admire that kind of purpose and dedication. When I was in a state psychiatric hospital, all of my creativity was destroyed by depression and state-mandated drug use. I could barely play solitaire or watch tv, let alone write. I have tried to follow a similar work ethic in relation to remaining sane at the Days Inn, attempting to focus on writing and later artworks. I wish I could apply that dedication and focus to getting out of the Days Inn and into more permanent secure lodging, but I don't know how and finally real depression and fear is setting in. Roky's music has always been a source of sacred comfort to me, and that is how I am turning to it now. I feel my will dissolving into a frozen torpor and I am trying to fight but I am deeply concerned. <3 Love To Roky!!! <3 <3 <3 nathaxn

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