Friday, February 10, 2017

Jennifer Herrema & Kurt Vile - 'Before They Make Me Run' (A-Side) / Jennifer Herrema & Wino - 'Sway' (B-Side) (2012 Volcom Single)

Bonus Video of Jennifer Herrema and Wino singing 'Sway' live in a Volcom store 2011 Jennifer Herrema doing Stones covers with Kurt Vile and Wino is pretty much the most logical idea for a clothing line single I can think of. Of course it is awesome and brings so many feelings to me. Jennifer Herrema is one of my all-time heroes and one of the greatest anything ever. As a musician, as a fashion icon, as an artist, she has been a life-long influence. Hails and Loves To You!!! <3 nathaxn PS - It turns out that JH did an interview re: her varied artistic life that was put up this week at the Creative Independent and it is of course totally awesome.

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