Monday, January 9, 2017

Testament - 'Low' from Low (1994)

Testament, after making the beautiful and psychedelically-inspired Ritual(my favorite Testament album!), lost drummer Louis Clemente and guitarist Alex Skolnick, leaving their future unclear. Testament responded by going way heavy, adopting death metal influences (those Chuck Billy growls!), slowing down and adding John Tempesta on drums and the awesome John Murphy on guitar (Death, Obituary, Disincarnate!), making a super-90's music video for 'Low' and making everything even more 90's by getting some fantastic Dave McKean art for the album cover. I love Testament and I think I love 90's Testament the very best. They differentiated themselves by on one hand retaining strong thrash roots but on the other hand embracing far heavier methods and just being weird and experimental when they just could have up and died but did not. Mad respect. Hail Testament!!! <3 nathaxn Bonus Track: 'Dog Faced Gods' was the other single off of this album, featuring a stronger thrash attack and Egyptian Gods And Magicks-Themed lyrics!

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