Saturday, February 13, 2016

Cult Of Luna & Julie Christmas - 'A Greater Call' from Mariner (2016)

In the past day or so, my laptop began rattling and spewing what might be battery acid? Then we had a blackwater toilet leak in the bathroom and basement. It is totally freezing here and I am feeling super demoralized. I really need to calm down while waiting to hear from the remediation people who already are remediating our third floor/attic which already has water/snow damage from the recent blizzard, so I am very pleased that Cult Of Luna & Julie Christmas put out this song for me to listen to. It is way rad. I am a huge fan of Julie Christmas and her work in Made Out Of Babies, Battle Of Mice, her great solo album, etc, and her working with Cult Of Luna is a great idea that proves even better in practice. Here we have some post-prog majesty, icy riffing, keyboard trills, over enormous drum patterns and sustained guitar atmospheres. Julie Christmas here operates on a chorale level, almost in a goth-doom beauty mode, where she usually does both beauty & beast at the same time. I can't wait for this album. I feel like I haven't paid Cult Of Luna enough attention over the years. Perhaps this will spur me onward to greater investigation, assuming I have a working computer! Yeah!

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