Sunday, February 7, 2016

Flying Saucer Attack - Full Peel Session 1/3/96

I love Flying Saucer Attack. Thick drones, feedback, skeletal noise/folk/jazz underpinnings, barely-there vocals, a pastoralism, a home-made-ness, a sound that can be lived with, along with, part of one's life. This is a Peel Session I hadn't heard before and am so glad can be listened to! Drifting through the night-time is made so much more companionable and lovely this way. FSA in this period were adopting a greater commitment to trance-minimalism and this is felt throughout, more interest in rhythmic repetition, abstraction and pure sound-summoning. They reach out to Jeff Mills in a wonderful homage and do a cover of 'I Can Take You To The Sun' by The Misunderstood, a pioneering Sixties Psychedelic Band who worked extensively with feedback manipulation, as well as a favorite band of John Peel personally!

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