Friday, February 12, 2016

Notes Upon Viewing Metallica's The Night Before (February 6th, 2016)

Metallica are clearly having a great time during their non-Super Bowl Super Bowl appearance. They seem totally psyched to be Metallica playing before a Bay Area audience. They are old and ragged but with a great deal of enthusiasm and energy and actual joy in so doing. This is all I could ask for. James Hetfield's Old School Classic Metal Vest with the prominent Motorhead back patch is an object of wonder. JH'S gtr playing is the most 'together' of the OG Horsemen, but Kirk Hammett (who has a Bela/Boris/Universal guitars!!!) has replaced precision with chaotic noise worship, evoking some true Lovecraftian Eldest Horrors in solos that are like hearing them for the first time. Especially on the 80's stuff! It is honestly revelatory to me, making stuff sound unknown and crazy. The interweaving of KH/JH gtrs was my favorite aspect of this whole concert. Robert Trujillo has some sick low-end distortion, which I dig. Lars hits with abandon, stomping and thundering. Metallica plays for over two hours, which is a lot of Metallica. I didn't get a chance to live-stream this concert, but it was up on Metallica's YouTube channel for a while and the tracks are available to listen to or acquire from their live concert website:,517/Metallica-mp3-flac-download-2-6-2016-AT-T-Park-San-Francisco-CA.html This makes me excited to see Metallica on tour again. They seem to be about it, and that is all I would ever ask for. And PS: Metallica! Play some St. Anger & Death Magnetic stuff next time! Those albums are awesome. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!! Here is a picture of JH/NWOBHM Vest!

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