Monday, February 1, 2016

Ted Cruz Is A Para-Canadian Or Also Canadian Maybe Reptiloid Alien Magicks-User

Ted Cruz is a powerful alien wizard, as this photograph of him projecting mana-fields-as-energy-mind-control-ebeams clearly demonstrates, but people are beginning to see through the very strong forcefields of charm/glamour/ward! As The Associated Press Reports From January 31, 2016: "10:15 p.m. Ted Cruz's rally on the night before the Iowa caucuses got off to an odd start with someone yelling, "He looks so weird!" as the Texas senator took the stage. The man, who appeared to be ill, was escorted out of the state fairground building Sunday night as he continued yelling: "Ted Cruz looks so weird!" Cruz tried to laugh off the disruption, saying it appeared the bars had let out early. As the man continued yelling, Cruz asked, "Is that Trump back there?" The rally attracted hundreds of people as Cruz was ending a day across Iowa that also included campaign stops in Iowa City and Davenport as he makes his closing argument to voters ahead of Monday's caucuses."

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