Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Witch - 'Seer' (video single edit) from Witch (2006)

'Seer' is one of my favorite doom songs ever. Not only do we get J Mascis drumming in honor of Bill Ward, but also Kyle Thomas's insane falsetto screams. Witch are brilliant in many respects by picking up on the Sabbathian thread into 1980's SST into a 00's doom revival aesthetic and letting the resultant mess feed back all over itself. J Mascis is a monster drummer, and not just in Deep Wound (gosh I love Deep Wound), but just slays on the two Witch records, the second of witch totally ups the 1980's Paisley Punk revival of the 1960's which is super-rad too. Deep Wound - Deep Wound EP (1983) 9 songs, 9.5 minutes. It always blows my mind whenever I stop to think about it that J essentially invented grindcore drumming (along with a bunch of other people). I know it is true. I saw it on tv, man

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