Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Thorns - Grymyrk (1991)

Grymyrk is the first Thorns demo. It is guitars and bass. There is noise and distortion and hiss and riffing and shredding and spillage. Before the murder and fire, there was this sound, this sound that had to be and was. If it is in the company of anything, it might be Earth 2, an Earth 2 played at a different speed somewhere snowier rather than rainier, but Grymyrk predates Earth 2 by two years. The bass here is thick and oppressive and doomy. The guitar is all spikes and treble and sustain and bleeding edges. This will induce trance and dreaming if the necessary conditions are present. All Hail. To hear how radically Thorns grew and twined within that year, the 1992 demo Trondertum is icy jackfrost, vokills, drums and bass and guitar, now fully formed into creeping, shaking, song.

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