Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sarke - 'Sunken' from Bogeford (2016)

The best song I have ever heard about vengeance through drowning in a peat bog. Sarke is always going for the off-kilter horror-anthology approach to lyrical content. Nocturnal Culto's vokills are as always distinctive and engaging, here in a more echoey and spider-riffic setting which sounds totally like what being drowned in a peat bog would be like: slow and methodical enough to sound inexorable, but adrenalized enough to represent the last thrashing of limbs, the last desperate grasping at air, the waters and organic muck sliding back into place as if nothing ever happened. A new Sarke album is always cause for celebration here at nxwwwwxn! New Music Saturday continues totally inadvertently!

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