Monday, February 1, 2016

Voivod - 'Post-Society' from Post-Society (2016)

I am exceptionally pleased to be listening to this new Voivod track today. It seems appropriate, as a signal of protest against decades of Neo-Liberal Controlled-Market Dystopia. I hope to be able to see Voivod live this month, as they are actually coming to my neck of the woods, of all places! I miss Piggy and Blacky, but Voivod has become something new again, which they have been doing in order to survive for 3+ Decades. And as Margaret Thatcher famously inducted, "there is no such thing as society", so Voivod welcome us to the future we have been living in for that entire time. Of course, In Opposition to Thatcher, Voivod also posit that 'We Are Connected', and indeed, we are.

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