Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Necros - 'Bad Dream' from Conquest For Death (1983)

This is a song where the air is aerosolized broken glass arranged into a darkened sky that you are expected to breathe. It is like bad dreams colonized the waking world until retreat into bad dreams seems like a good idea. When you are having a day where you feel crushed and defeated by life, listening to Conquest For Death-era Necros seems like a good idea because it is. More cranky and paranoid than insanely pissed-off, Necros always had a strong 60's garage punk/70's radio metal influence on their hxcx jamz. Here is a roughly contemporaneous appearance on Detroit Hardcore TV, wherein they are interviewed and allowed to rock out. The hardcore kids in their homemade shirts dancing fills me with an indefinable sensation, both gleeful and lost inside.

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