Monday, December 26, 2016

Aesop Rock - The Impossible Kid [Album Stream Is A Homemade Cover Of The Shining by Rob Shaw] 2016)

As an album, the new Aesop Rock album is a pretty amazing piece of autobiography in middle age, the fear, the regret, the years spent in activities that barely renumerate if at all, living situations sketchy or sketchier, mental health that or worse, the longing for security and stability countered by personal ache and failure, the hope that art can sustain in spite of chaos and darkness and weakness. As an album stream, this is a homemade minature craft-project cover of The Shining, which is pretty dope. It was made by Rob Shaw. I like just listening to this album a few times before watching the visuals but you could also totally throw on the Shining soundtrack and watch it separately that way! Ministry 4 Ever.

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