Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Carrie Fisher Pants

Today when I found out Carrie Fisher had died, I looked down and saw that I happened to be wearing my Star Wars IV: A New Hope Pants in which Carrie features prominently. Her presence on my pants was always the most soothing of anyone there, except for possibly Vader because Vader. I don't talk much these days about Star Wars. My love for the franchise was and is predicated upon the involvement of George Lucas and I will leave it at that. I am a big Carrie Fisher fan in all of her doings, especially when she gets to wield a firearm of some form or another. Her embrace of her own life, on her own terms with honesty and bravery was a personal inspiration and example to me of how to live my own. I am still working myself out of anaphylactic shock (I am pretty sure) which was terrifying and I had a CPAP mask failure on top of that, so today is not a good one. One last thing about Carrie. Star Wars was the first movie I can remember seeing and the MOST IMPORTANT thing to me about the original trilogy is Carrie Fisher's hair. Like I had never experienced hair envy before but when I was three and six and nine, I knew THAT was the hair I wanted to have in life. Whether in braids, buns, or loose/down, that was the look I longed for. I never was into the Jabba bikini thing because gross. If I had to pick one iconic Leia/Carrie look, it was the scenes on Hoth with the boots with the fur, etc. Thank You Carrie. I will always love you. <3 <3 <3 nathaxn

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