Thursday, November 24, 2016

Eternal Champion - 'Armor Of Ire' from Armor Of Ire (2016)

As longtime(?) readers of this blog or anyone who knows me knows, making an Elric-themed heavy metal project is certainly an excellent way to my heart, and if you decide to make it a Moorcock/Howard/Lovecraft trifecta of influence and indeed, awaken the Old Ones (ie mid-70's to mid-'80's dwelling denizens of the deep) in yr. Sword & Sorcery Airbrushed Van Metal, that is going to get extra attention for sure. Eternal Champion, from Austin, TX, weave beautiful epic fantasy narrative with clean, echoing vocals and galloping/surmounting riff-elements. This is the kind of thing that I know will inspire table-top campaigns across the lands from now and going forth into the dimly lit futurities. As good as this whole album truly is, I can relate to going through the dungeons of life with only ire to arm me against the lurking terrors. Here is their full-on bandcamp page:

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