Thursday, November 24, 2016


I hate Thanksgiving. I hate how it is a narrative of the onset of hundreds of years of genocide and betrayal, all of which is still going on to this day, in the United States Of America. I am thankful, though, for the Water Protectors of Standing Rock and their brave and necessary fight for Water, for Earth, for the Dignity and Survival of All against the lethal forces of Neoliberal Capital, Colonialism and the Police State which enforces those interlocking regimes. I am thankful and they are in my heart and my mind today. Maybe one day we can all have a Thanksgiving which is really worth its name, where all people and all beings come together in mutual respect and love and share what is best of ourselves with one another without selfishness, rancor, violence, hatred, ignorance. On that day I will love Thanksgiving. Until then we all must fight for that day in any and all the ways we are capable of, even if it will not come to pass in our lifetimes, still we must fight.  <3 nxww

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