Friday, January 22, 2016

Abbath - Abbath (2016)

Do you think it is coincidental that on the day of the Abbath album release, a historic blizzard hits the Eastern United States Seaboard? Not me. I await the inevitable army of ravens and wolves currently lurking in the depths of white-out conditions to take over the local Target/Giant/CVS/Starbucks/McDonalds Plaza which will be unrecognizable when buried in snow, ravens and wolves. The Abbath album pretty much sounds like what I imagine this future also historic event to be like, if it is not already coming to pass. Which is to say, the Abbath album is in keeping with prior tradition, and acquits itself with well-fought pride and glory. Right now I am really digging 'Ashes Of The Damned', which has flangey sounds and mighty horn soundings and guitars which are good for stormings and being-stormed.

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