Thursday, January 7, 2016

Nuclear Assault - 'Critical Mass' from Handle With Care (1989)

In honor of the British Geological Survey's paper published in Science (abstract here) arguing in favor of the Anthropocene as a distinct geological period from the Holocene due to the extent of human intervention on the very composition of the Earth, I would like to play Nuclear Assault's 'Critical Mass', which in 1989 was prophetic of what was happening then, and now represents a missed call to handle with care our world, which is coextensive with all known life. I wanted to include the lower-res version because a) Media Context from Headbanger's Ball, even though somewhat noxious, and b) my stupid tinnitus cannot handle 'remastered' versions of things that push all the treble and midrange all the way up. The older analog stuff seems gentler on damaged ears and also has more audible bass, which IS important for thrash, no matter what And Justice For All might tell you. This song is completely awesome in whatever fidelity. NY Thrash Forever!!! Also, here are a couple more articles relating to today's publication, one from the Guardian, and the other from New Scientist And here is a bonus video from Handle With Care, 'Trail Of Tears', also awesome, even if no Jessica Hahn sunbathing at an oil drilling site:

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