Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Shellac - 'Dude Incredible' from Dude Incredible

Note: this photo: Anton Meres/Reuters Accompanying article can be found here: I LOVE Shellac and the Shellac song I have ended up listening to THE MOST and have made others listen to the most often, is 'Dude Incredible' from 2014's Dude Incredible album. The rest of the album is real good too, but this for me is the victorious champion of all. 'Dude Incredible' is the most 70's Metal/Led Zeppelin/Molly Hatchet/Foghat Shellac have ever sounded and what is awesome is that this song does to the masculinist 70's Rock Concerns of Melee Fighting, Mating, Going From One Place To Another, Admiring The Awesomeness Of One's Opponents In Combat, and Maybe Eating is what Shellac does to 70's Rock itself: strip it to its wiry core and use it to discuss the immediate day-to-day lives of a group of Macaque Monkeys in Gibraltar, whose commitment to adventuring within their urban environment has gotten them in trouble with human authorities. Read the above story for more information. The photo (see above) which accompanied the news article became the cover photo for Dude Incredible and what for me was an already repetitive listening experience became obsessive. I have mostly recovered my faculties, as my most Shellac-inflamed period was the Late Spring/Early Summer of 2015 driving around Minneapolis in the Subaru, although writing this has brought back the old feeling! I hope the macaques are OK!!! Here is an update from October 2015, written by someone who was invited to go visit some macaques of Gibraltar by a primatologist and what was discovered by doing so! Here, as Bonus Content, is Shellac performing 'Dude Incredible' & 'Watch Song' Live in Oakland July 12, 2015. Thanks be to recordist/uploader!

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