Thursday, January 21, 2016

Card Sharks (October 17, 1979)

I watched a lot, like a lot, of Card Sharks in the 1970's and early 1980's on daytime TV, and I can assure you without a doubt, that this is the best and most profoundly meaningful episode of Card Sharks ever. Contestant Lisa is volcanic, ecstatic dynamite. Jim Perry (who just passed away this past November, R.I.P.) is dapper and put-together in his grey suit. Challenger Todd has a camel suit and is very tall. This entire episode is like watching the 1970's roll over into the 1980's. Lisa representing the 70's, and Todd the incipient dawn of the Reagan Era, and proto-bro. I don't want to spoil the incredible twists and turns, and I do recommend watching the whole thing, but the section (unfortunately slightly mangled here) which told me that yes, this is the greatest and most prophetic episode of Card Sharks to ever exist starts at 5:52. The Game Show Network has taken me back to a time when there was almost nothing to watch on daytime tv, and yet I am still voluntarily watching it rather than blizzard movements. Heart Lisa Forever!

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