Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fit For An Autopsy - 'Murder In The First' from Absolute Hope Absolute Hell (2015)

I was toggling between The Weather Channel and the Metal Channel and this song came on and I had no expectations for it, but it ruled and then ruled more and then ruled even more and it was catchy and kind of eccentric and I wanted to hear it right after it was over, so I went and found it and listened to it. And it was just as good the second and third and fourth and fifth time and sixth time. Even if you are not into whatever genre wiser persons may consign this to, it is really really good and creative and worthy of your attention. The overall vibe from this album seems to be that God is at best an absentee landlord and total disaster at that, human beings are hopelessly evil and corrupt and Hell should engage in an occupation of liberation as an act of mercy to all. Every time something seems like it might go in a worn-out direction, it does something else or something better. As far as I am concerned, Fit For An Autopsy should be on the radio every five minutes like they were Slaughter in 1990. They are for me anyway. 'Saltwound' is a slightly more pulled-in and downcast Fit For An Autopsy. Here, there are interesting sounds and epic choruses, which are totally rousing and groovy. The gnarly solo which throws up trad metal value in advance of mosh blockade action like it was 1986. Here is an actual video-video for the title track of this album, and like Fit For An Autopsy itself, it takes lots of things people have done before in metal and makes them work, even leveraging their awkwardness in/against expectation. Insects, fruit, blood, flies, jars, etc. but whatever, it works fine with me. I really dig that spidery intro guitar which also fronts like it is on a classic Ozzy album sort of. This album is really, really good. I am totally into listening to it over and over, as you can probably tell. Here is the 'official stream' of the whole album if you too want to listen to it in its entirety:

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