Saturday, January 16, 2016

Candlemass - 'The Dying Illusion' from Chapter VI (1992)

I LOVE Chapter VI by Candlemass. Thomas Vikstrom's vocals really complement the more trad/power metal orientation to the project of doom, with outstanding keyboard flourishes/atmosphere. I had never seen this video before today and it got me wondering about a lot of things. First of all, how many Candlemass fans are in fact vampires? More than you might think, I suppose. Is this their favorite album by Candlemass? Secondly, Thomas Vikstrom's t-shirt in this video seems beyond ludicrously ignorant in 1992, to the point of being offensive. I mean, how many rappers in 1992 wore t-shirts in videos that said 'F**ck Doom Metal!'??? if you can find me one, I would love to see it. Were they concerned that Ice-T sampling Sabbath was going to put them out of business or something? How LAME! Thirdly, I kind of like how urban bar-scene this video is, and how it might make you paranoid that fighting with your significant other whilst out for drinks will get them led away by vampires. Beware!

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